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Cat. number Concentration (U/ul) Size (ul) Price (US Dollar)  
BSA (-)
9001 20 50 $53.00 Add To Cart
9002 200 50 $415.00 Add To Cart
BSA (+)
9005 20 50 $53.00 Add To Cart
9006 200 50 $415.00 Add To Cart
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DpnI restriction endonuclease is derived from the dpn1 gene from Diplococcus pneumoniae expressed in E. coli. This restriction enzyme is methylation-sensitive and requires the adenine within the restriction site is methylated at position N-6(1,2). DpnI prefers fully-adenomethylated dam sites; hemi-adenomethylated dam sites are cleaved by DpnI at 2% of the rate of fully methylated sites. Cleavage of eukaryotic genomic DNA may be blocked by overlapping CpG methylation.
Protein Uses:
Blunt-end PCR cloning
site-directed mutagenesis procedure
Methylation pattern recognition
FastCloning – sequence and ligation independent PCR cloning
Additional Information:
DpnI recognition sequence
Available in high concentration (Cat no. 9002, 9006)
Formulated with BSA (Cat no. 9005, 9006) and without BSA (cat no. 9001, 9002)
Effect of various methyltransferases on DpnI recognition and activity:

     Dam – necessary for recognition; DNA from Dam - strain will not be digested
     Dcm – some recognition site overlap, no effect on activity
     CpG – may overlap with recognition site and block activity
     EcoKI – no recognition site overlap hence no effect on activity
     EcoBI – some recognition site overlap; may affect activity