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T7 DNA Single Stranded Binding (SSB) Protein
Cat. number Concentration (mg/ml) Size (ul) Size (mg) Price (US Dollar)  
10001 1.0 100 0.1 $65.00 Add To Cart
10002 1.0 500 0.5 $260.00 Add To Cart
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T7 SSB (gene 2.5 protein, gp2.5) is functionally similar to Escherichia coli SSB and the gene 32 protein of bacteriophage T4, despite little sequence homology.
Protein Uses:
Stimulates DNA polymerase activity
Increases efficiency of RNA primer synthesis (through T7 DNA polymerase and primase-helicase interaction)
Additional Information:
More efficient at mediating homologous base-pairing than E.coli SSB protein
May assist in coordinating leading and lagging strand synthesis at the replication fork