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Vaccinia Topoisomerase I
Cat. number Concentration (U/ul) Size (ul) Size (units) Price (US Dollar)  
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10005 100 50 5,000 $410.00 Add To Cart
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Vaccinia DNA Topoisomerase I is derived from the Topoisomerase I gene from Orthopoxvirus Vaccinia and expressed in E.coli. Vaccinia topoisomerase is a type I eukaryotic topoisomerase that removes both positive (right) and negative (left) supercoils from covalently closed DNA. The enzyme reaction leaves a covalently closed, circular DNA product with reduced topology.
Protein Uses:
To examine the degree and extent of DNA supercoiling
To determine the effects of DNA topology on transcription and chromatin reconstitution
To expose restriction sites by reducing DNA supercoiling
Additional Information:
Activity is increased by low concentrations of Mg2+, but Mg2+ is not required for enzyme function.