T4 Polynucleotide Kinase
T4 Polynucleotide Kinase, Phosphatase (-)
T4 DNA Polymerase
MMLV reverse transcriptase
Vaccinia Topoisomerase I

Protein Expression Testing
AKTA FPLC (ion-exchange, IMAC)
Protein Purification Process Development
Non-Tagged Protein Purification
Complete Batch Records
Manufacturing Pilot Process
Custom Protein Formulations
Tissue Culture (primary cells, adherent and suspension cell lines)
Viability Assays (fluorescent, colormetric)
Custom Competent Cell Preparation
(chemical, electrocompetent, 96 well
Bacterial or Yeast Growth
Custom Protein Formulations
About us
The expertise of Monserate Biotechnology Group is focused on the expression, purification, formulation and characterization of proteins. Our team is devoted to effective collaboration between the science professional and their service providers. Our goal is to provide timely, expert, affordable responses to the individualized needs of cutting-edge research. Our desire is to provide customized research tools and services as rapidly as possible to enhance and accelerate your scientific progress. The statement “Our priority is the customer” is not a trite marketing phrase for us. We mean it. Each member of Monserate Biotechnology Group brings no less than 10 years of expertise in their respective field. This experience encompasses fields as diverse as neurobiology, organic chemistry, protein therapeutics, inflammation, hematopoesis, immunology, plant and animal virology. Through the experience of the group you will be able to access practical experience gained in academic, start-up, pharmaceutical and research tool biotechnology laboratories. This realistic background ensures a thorough understanding of the specialized needs that your research requires. Our team is available to answer your questions, make suggestions and provide customized formulations that fit your requirements. Whether large scale production for industrial needs or small-scale optimization for research applications our mission is to get the job done quickly, expertly and with minimized expense.