T4 Polynucleotide Kinase
T4 Polynucleotide Kinase, Phosphatase (-)
T4 DNA Polymerase
MMLV reverse transcriptase
Vaccinia Topoisomerase I

Protein Expression Testing
AKTA FPLC (ion-exchange, IMAC)
Protein Purification Process Development
Non-Tagged Protein Purification
Complete Batch Records
Manufacturing Pilot Process
Custom Protein Formulations
Tissue Culture (primary cells, adherent and suspension cell lines)
Viability Assays (fluorescent, colormetric)
Custom Competent Cell Preparation
(chemical, electrocompetent, 96 well
Bacterial or Yeast Growth
Custom Protein Formulations
Monserate Biotechnology Group’s Mission
Monserate Biotechnology Group is a protein expression, purification, formulation and characterization company. Our products include a line of specially prepared low DNA/RNA enzymes for next generation sequencing applications. Our low nucleic acid preparations are ideal for amplifying critical samples where contaminating DNA from the enzyme reagent interferes with target amplification. The removal of contaminating nucleic acids from our enzyme formulations provides superior performance when used in micro-array procedures, quantitative and reverse transcriptase PCR ( qPCR and RT PCR) in-situ hybridization and library construction. Monserate manufactures our own enzymes. This production capability allows us the flexibility to be your source for custom tool formulations or your bulk original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.). This manufacturing expertise in turn provides the basis of our custom purification and process development services. Monserate can develop your purification process then scale it to > one gram batch sizes to provide all the protein needed for collaborations or in- vivo experimentation. Our extensive background in protein biochemistry also provides the capability of purification of proteins from the native source tissue or recombinant proteins without affinity tags of any sort. Our mission is to provide biochemical products and services that exceed the industry performance standard. To facilitate this we provide researchers direct access to the expert team responsible for manufacturing and formulating your quality product. We strive for a straightforward, collaborative interaction to optimize feedback. This communication allows us to assist in the development of robust customized formulations and applications to accelerate your research progress in a cost-effective and timely manner.