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MON1 Competent Cells
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5001 10 tubes x 100 ul $95.00 Add To Cart
5001-S 20 tubes x 50 ul $110.00 Add To Cart
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MON1 chemically competent E. coli cells, comparable to DH10B and TOP10 strains, are optimized for high-efficiency transformation (> 1X109 transformants/µg DNA). Well-suited for generating high quality DNA for sequencing. Blue/white screening compatible. Supplied with pUC19 control plasmid and SOC medium.
Additional Information:
Also available in bulk boxes of 81 tubes, in either 50µl or 100µl format. Please contact us for pricing.
endA1 recA1 mcrA ∆(mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC) Ф80lacZ∆M15∆lacX74 ∆(ara,leu7697 ara ∆139 galU galK nupG rpsL F- λ-