T4 Polynucleotide Kinase
T4 Polynucleotide Kinase, Phosphatase (-)
T4 DNA Polymerase
MMLV reverse transcriptase
Vaccinia Topoisomerase I

Protein Expression Testing
AKTA FPLC (ion-exchange, IMAC)
Protein Purification Process Development
Non-Tagged Protein Purification
Complete Batch Records
Manufacturing Pilot Process
Custom Protein Formulations
Tissue Culture (primary cells, adherent and suspension cell lines)
Viability Assays (fluorescent, colormetric)
Custom Competent Cell Preparation
(chemical, electrocompetent, 96 well
Bacterial or Yeast Growth
Custom Protein Formulations
Monserate Biotech Scientists have experience with:
Protein purification, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Servicing and launching virtual companies
Executing on outsourced projects for Int’l corporations
Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)
Protein Purification services:
Protein expression testing
AKTA FPLC (ion-exchange, IMAC)
Protein purification process development
Non-tagged protein purification
Complete batch records
Manufacturing pilot process
The nature of each protein purification project is variable, thus we find it unreasonable to list a “ price per milligram” service product without specific knowledge of the expression level and a clients purity criteria.

Monserate Biotechnology provides a custom quote at no charge and the prices directly reflect the nature of your project. If the criteria is met, Monserate can (and have) perform (ed) purification protocols for less than $900 u.s.d.

Where to start: Process development! Monserate Biotech can develop a purification scheme for your protein of interest. The method developed by our team will be transferred to our client and all information will be kept in strict confidence. Need more protein? Once a process has been developed, the method can be scaled-up to produce quantities necessary to suit your needs.

Modular Project Design SM for efficient client management. Monserate takes a step-by-step approach to service contracts. This allows any pitfalls and bottlenecks to be identified early, before proceeding with downstream processing steps. Modular project designSM conserves your resources while ensuring effective communicationand a collaborative, results driven effort.

Tired of purchasing high-priced enzymes in small volumes at retail prices? A protein purification project can be more cost effective for large volume applications.
Other Services:
Tissue culture (primary cells, adherent and suspension cell lines)
Viability assays (fluorescent, colormetric)
Custom competent cell preparation (chemical, electrocompetent, 96 well format).
Bacterial or yeast growth
Custom protein formulations
Partial list of proteins Monserate Biotechnology group has experience purifying:
Troponin A,C
Phosphorylase Kinase
Oncostatin M
GP 130 (IL-6 receptor)
Alcam (CD-6 Ligand)
Annexin V128
Antigen panels
Rabbit IgM
Human IgG
Chicken IgY
Enzymes used in Molecular Biology
Thermophilic DNA polymerases (> 15) -See products page -
Phi29 DNA polymerase (> 10 variants)
Uracil DNA glycosylase
MMLV and AMLV reverse transcriptase
E. coliDNA polymerase I
T4 DNA Ligase
Dpn I
Proteins or Enzymes in progress
Thermus thermophilusHB8 SSB
T4 SSB (gp 2.5)
B-1,3 glucanlaminaripentaohydrolase( yeast lysisenzyme)
T4 lysozyme